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Isn't it funny that states with highest welfare rates are red states? (so funny) pic map

When you cannot afford the Existing Government ....

Global Warming vs. the Obama Administration (Like 2 peas in a pod)

RE: mr. President........... (WHAT DID WE GET?) map

Three Books You will Find in Roberta's Book shelf map

Three Books You will Find in joey's Book shelf pic map

Top GOP Leader Promises Total Amnesty In 2015 (so sad, teabaggers) pic map

GOPigs will never roll back the last 100 years of liberal policies... (never, ever, ever....you betcha) pic map

I can't breathe (libtardville) pic map

U.S. NATIONAL DEBT CLOCK (under obama's watch) map

This Is What A Community Organizer Does pic map


obama leaves every child behind

WAYTHE FU*K OFFBASE~~Obozo: Trust us, we're from govt. Propaganda (libtardville) pic map




Residents of Ferguson to Attend Mandatory Sensitivity Training (Department of Justice) pic map

100 years of liberal, progressive policy made USA the greatest nation (LV) pic map

Please Join Me In.... pic map

GOPigs Exonerate Administration In Benghazi, Continue To Investigate pic map

A Fine Example Of A Good Christian Conservative map

How Cute!! joey Thinks FaceBook Likes Mean Something (didn't help to stop GOPig amnesty) pic map

Native American Council Offers Amnesty to 220 M Undocumented Whites map

Obama fears arrest over killing innocent children with American drones (MSNBC to shield Obama, attack Bush) pic

re: Just imagine if it was a peaceful protest by the tea party in Ferg (3 people, a typical size for teabaggers) pic map

Tebagger Ted Confirms Anti-Gun Rights Surgeon General (teabaggers are liberals best friends) pic map

This Is What A Community Organizer Does pic map

About That "impeachment" Thingee, are you a dumbass or liar?? (hmmmmmmmmm?) pic map

Ramadon Bombathon celebrated by the "religion of peace" (creating Hell on earth to all) pic

George W. Bush Cancels Trip Overseas For Fear Of Arrest pic map

Merry christmas to all, peace on earth and good will towards man..... (..sent from God to all who receive!) pic

Just imagine if it was a peaceful protest by the tea party in Ferguson (imagine the outrage from the left) pic

What were you thinking Mr. Obama! (released 5 high level terrorists ) pic

Just Look Below, teabaggers Are Pro Death, Pro Rape, Pro Amnesty (good christians) pic map

Ricky Perry For Presnit pic map

Tebaggers can't stop this pic map

Suddenly, teabaggers Are All For Bailing Out Big Banks (WTF) pic

Bob & Jim discussing Obama's many scandals

Jesus, Gods only begotten Son..... (His kingdom come, his will be done) pic

Words Of Wisdom that Still Apply Today... map

Poodle Puppies (lv) pic


LOL (LV) pic


Obama. Amigo. El Pueblo esta contigo (It is TRULY a GREAT day to be LIBERAL!!!) pic map

"I need to step down": Nevada speaker resigns over racist comments (racists will be rooted out 1 by 1) map

The GOPig Party Is So Fun To Watch When They Go Apoplectic (i think i hear joey whimpering....hahaha) pic map

Now AMNESTY Is A GOPig Idea!!!!!! (what a bunch of dumbasses) pic map

Obama Made It Through November joey, Are You A Liar Or A Dumbass? pic map

Protect People With Preexisting Conditions, Worse Thing Since Slavery (<-------teabagger logic) pic map

Insuring The Uninsured, Worst Thing To Happen Since Slavery (<----teabagger logic) pic map

Not Going Bankrupt When Sick, Worse Thing Since Slavery (<-----teabigot logic) pic map

Health Insurance For The Poor, Worse Thing Since Slavery (<-----teabagger logic) pic map

Obama gives 3 billion of our money for climate change......... (gives more to illegals) pic

Remember Black Panthers calling for killing Crackers & their babies? (imagine if whites said that about niga's) pic

Cenk Uygur is a Muslim Dick sucker, figurative of course! (But he does love that Muslim cok) pic

Aspects on leadership, current and lack in the USA (Unity) pic

In the late 90's congress was controled by Republicans..... (gave us a balanced budget/ and a surplus) pic

How we all can help prevent another Ferguson in the future pic

Another Democrat fighting the imaginary war on women! (Chuckle chuckle....) pic

In Ferguson, Witness Intimidation, Lying by 'Community of Color' (media then encouraged the missinfo) pic

I can no longer support President Obama pic

Obama seeks indefinite term as president.... (but how?) pic

How will we pay trillions more for illegals? pic

Health care cost and premiums skyrocketing under Obamacare pic

The theory of whats happening now! (Worldwide) pic map

Teabagger Ted Is A Liberals Best Friend (what a fucking idiot) pic map

conservaTURDs Scream...."we're gwoing to sue you meany presnit" (bring it on) pic map

This Certainly Hasn't Changed pic map

What is a Mathematical Moron ? map

Stampede is a com'n......will cost Americans trillions! (Viva La Mexico) pic

The Hypocrisy of Chooch Calderon and King Obama pic

Hillary beats all Democrats for leftwingnut nomination (2016) pic

Voters Put Public Safety Ahead of CIA Disclosures (Rasmussen)

Demorats take America hostage, threaten government shut down....... (liberal left lying hypoctites) pic

Only a moron wouldn't vote blue in 2016 (great day to be liberal) pic

Thank you white Republicans who fought & died, and ended slavery...... (makes me proud to be one!)

47% of Unemployed have completely given up looking for work (doubles unemployment figures) pic

Record number of black and women Republicans elected.... (imaginary war on women/minorities, LOL) pic

Liberal policy is for the poor, like smoking is for your lungs... (living in denial while dying of cancer)

Obama made 5 million last year, gave our children 1 trillion in debt (..lean forward, bend over America) pic

Fine Christian Conservative Love Anal Rape, Just don't call it torture pic map

Darn those pesky little facts pic map

Hey teabigots......Can You Hear The Mariachi Music???? (you, you, you, you, betcha!!!!!) pic map

Nevada Republican Majority Leader, Michele Fiore, Owes 1M in Taxes (personal responsibility my ass) pic map

Hillary Still Crushes All GOPigs In Latest Poll map

Jesus, the only begotton Son of God (promises for all) pic

How much BS will Americans take? pic

Latest polls show college age no longer trust Obama's lies. (Gee I wonder why??????) pic

OBAMA HAS ALQAEDA ON THE RUN................... (LV) pic

Obama & Hillary's democracy loving Islamic friends wage war.......... (on women everywhere!) pic

Obama Worst prez in 70 years, no recovery in site (voters regret) pic

We must stop the unreported war on whites by blacks (unreported by liberal media) pic

Liberal majority since 2006 has destroyed our country....... (we must end their reign of terror) pic

No Shutdown Over President Obama's Immigration Action???? (WFT teabaggers?) pic map

GOP..."what deficit?"...Passes Bloated 1T Budget (huge giveaway to banksters) pic map

As promised, Anonymous dumps KKK leader's personal info online (racists teabaggers will not be tolerated) map

How'd that whole "vote GOPig to stop amnesty" Thingee work out for you pic map

WHEN IGNORANCE TAKES HOLD..... (Step away from the Law!!) map

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