Mobile Mechanic👨🏼‍🔧🧰 Free Diagnostic With Same Day Repair (Las Vegas)

My name is Tim. I’m a full time mobile mechanic with 7 years experience working in the Las Vegas area. I’m available to Fix your Vehicle Professionally the first time. Giving you back the safety and security you deserve while going 65+ MPH down the highway. At nearly HALF THE PRICE OF YOUR TYPICAL SHOPS QUOTED RATE. Cars have enough issues as they age I have no reason to trick you into spending more then you absolutely need to on both parts and my labor. The better job I do with your vehicle the more calls I receive. Through word of mouth and this ad are my only forms of advertising.

FREE DIAGNOSTIC meaning… I come to you and if I don’t correctly diagnose your specific vehicle concern and give you a simple and affordable solution. You don’t pay me ANYTHING and there’s no hard feelings. When the work is done same day there is no diagnostic fee only a repair + parts fee. If the repair is agreed upon for a future date for whatever reason. Whether that be for financial concerns or wanting to purchase the parts online. The diagnostic fee is $50 for my time on that day. We then set up an appointment to make the actual repair once you have the parts/funds for me to complete the job in 1 day.

Phone Advice is ALWAYS FREE! Phone number located at the bottom of this post. ⬇️

-I Have A Pretty Good Ear For MOST Car Noises. Pinpointing Faults On Your Serpentine Belt, It’s Pulleys, Or A Power Steering Pump SQUUUUUEALING At You 🔊

I specialize and have 7+ years experience doing the DIAGNOSIS and REPAIR on the following items + much much more!

-Any Overheat Issues! 🥵

-Radiators, Hoses, Thermostats, Water Pumps.

-Brake Pad and Rotor replacement DONE SAME DAY!

- Alternator and Battery Removal and Replacement very affordably

-Serpentine Belt(s)

-Radiator Replacement.

-Water Pump Diagnosis and Replacement.

Oil/Coolant/Transmission/Brake/Power Steering Fluid Leaks.

-Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter, Fuel injector problem? NO PROBLEM!

-Any and all suspension issues. I do not do conversion kits. Only original equipment replacements.

-Headlight Restoration and Bulb Installation on any vehicle. 💡

-Is your window stuck up or down? Power Window Motors Or Regulators on any make or model can be repaired same day in MOST cases ✅

-I Offer Throttle Body Cleaning to get any gummed up Carbon that may be causing your car to accelerate sluggishly.

-New Spark Plugs and Wires changed the way my 150,000 mile car accelerated as if it was brand new! 🏎 (Check your owners Manuel for how often all of the above should be replaced. Most cars it’s between 30,000 to 60,000 miles you want to replace your Spark Plugs and Wires. It’s definitely something you notice quieting the engine while boosting your acceleration time.

-Cooling Fan Removal and Installation

-EGR And PCV Valve Cleaning And/Or Replacement If Necessary.

-A/C Repairs.

-Rusted or cracked muffler? I can fix that! No Welding. Bolt on only. 🔩

-Intake Manifold Gasket Replacement Both Upper And Lower.

-Timing Chain Covers

-Damaged Oil Pan Or Transmission Fluid Pan causing a problem? NO PROBLEM!

-Things I DO NOT do. ❌

-Engine Or Transmission Swaps That’s It. Everything else I can absolutely help you with to get you back on the road and MOST IMPORTANTLY HAPPY ABOUT DRIVING AGAIN!

That being said. I’m an honest mechanic just looking to make my living using the skills, tools, and knowledge I have at my disposal. I don’t list prices on the Ad because everything is situational. Every vehicle has a different layout. And every job is negotiable within reason of course.

If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to call or preferably TEXT me anytime to set-up a time and a place anywhere in Las Vegas or the surrounding areas and I’ll be there! My name is Tim (702)-786-2913.

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