Triple your Money Every Month Progressively. NO JOKE!! - $10,000 (LV)

First, this is 100% real, so the ONLY reason not to do this is if you don't have the money, which is totally understandable, cause I don't, which is why I'm reaching out to you!

I'd much rather split the profits with someone, then get nothing!

I just spoke with a guy who's figured out a sports betting system where you're 100% guaranteed to win EVERY time! It's based on a 100% probability in-game betting system. As a basic example, it's betting within the games that certain things will happen, such as a hit in baseball, a basket in basketball, a touchdown in football, etc. Exciting, right!?

For a limited time, he'll show anyone who's interested and has integrity the system for a one-time fee of $300, which simply covers his time.

Why am I asking for $10,000? He says you can start with less if you want, but it won't reach its full potential quickly unless you start with at least $5000, and since I'm willing to split the profits 50/50 with you, that means you'd ideally be starting with $10,000. This guarantees AT THE VERY LEAST, a $30,000 return in the first 30 days ($15k each).

Life and finances has kicked me in the ass lately, so currently I only have $200 to my name. Once the first significant return comes, we can then break off and each do it ourselves.

You MUST be trustworthy, which I can tell right away when speaking with someone.

This guy is local to Vegas, as am I, so we'll be meeting him in person to learn this system.

Call me NOW, and let's do this! Of course I'll also answer any questions you may have.

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