Sony SS-CSE Dolby Atmos Speakers, NEW - $60 - $60

condition: new
make / manufacturer: Sony
model name / number: SS-CSE Dolby Atmos Speakers
Asking Price: $60
Available for sale: Sony SS-CSE Dolby Atmos Speakers

NOTE: If the ad is still up, the speakers are still available. Also, please, do NOT contact me via the CL contact email, and request I reply back to some other email address. To those this would apply to, you know exactly the reason I’m saying this. Per CL policy…and, for reasons everyone else understands…I will ONLY reply back via the CL email address.

The Sony SS-CSE speakers are brand-new, with the box having only been opened to inspect, and test, the speakers. These are Dolby Atmos speakers for people who have a Dolby Atmos-capable receiver, but don’t want (or don’t have a means) to mount Dolby Atmos speakers on the ceiling. Although they were designed to be placed on top of various models of Sony front home theater speakers, they can be placed almost wherever you want, including on top of other brands of speakers. The way they work is by sending the sound towards the ceiling, tyo which the sound “bounces” off the ceiling, and is reflected downward towards the listener(s). for more detailed information, click the link (below), and it will take you to Sony’s own product page:

No matter where you check, these sell for $150/pair (unless you count some retailers selling ‘refurbished’ units for around $110-120). What I am offering is a brand new pair, for two-thirds the price you can buy them anywhere else. The math is simple to understand.

Again, the asking price is $60. If the ad is still listed, the speakers still available. If interested and/or if you have any questions, please contact me. All reasonable offers will receive a reply…but, please understand, any “lowball offers” WILL be ignored. Also, in responding to the ad via craigslist email, please include your contact info (ie. name & phone number), so that I can call, answer any questions you might have...and, if a sale is agreed on, to arrange a day/time//location. Honestly, I'm tired of troll/scam contacts...so, if no contact info is in the initial email, the email will be deleted.

Please be aware that this is a “cash-only” deals…NO checks, money orders, bank drafts, etc will be accepted. If this deters anyone from being interested, I apologize. Those who are also sellers, and have experienced fraudulent attempts from others to “purchase” what they are selling, will understand my reasoning behind stating “cash only”. As such, please, do not request any other payment form, including PayPal, Square Cash, Venmo, etc, as they will not be accepted. Finally, I am willing to meet at a mutually-acceptable safe location, for which I will provide location suggestions once the sale has been negotiated.

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