Master Massage 28” Fairlane Portable Massage Table Package, NEW - $200 - $200

condition: new
make / manufacturer: Master Massage Equipment
model name / number: Fairlane
Asking Price: $200
Available for sale: Master Massage 28in Fairlane Portable Massage Table Package, including 2-5 Sand

NOTE: If the ad is still up, then the massage table package is still available. These will ONLY be sold as a “package”…so, please, do NOT ask if I will sell any of the sheet sets separately. Also, please, do NOT contact me via the CL contact email, and request I reply back to some other email address. To those this would apply to, you know exactly the reason I’m saying this. Per CL policy…and, for reasons everyone else understands…I will ONLY reply back via the CL email address.

What I am selling is an unused regulation-size (ie. 28 inch) Fairlane portable massage table, from Master Massage Equipment, along with 2-5 unused 2-piece (one piece table cover, and one piece face cushion cover) table cover sets. The reason I say “2-5” is, when I purchased the table, I purchased the table, it included one set as a “promotion”, plus I purchased four additional sets. I placed two sets inside the carrying case’s outer pocket, and the other three sets in a box. Since moving to the Las Vegas area, I have yet to find & unpack the box that the other three sets were placed in. the box might be here, or it might have been accidentally left in California. To whomever purchases the massage table, when/if I find that box, I will gladly contact you, and give you the additional sets at no additional cost to you.

For more detailed information on the massage table, as well as the table cover sets, see the links, below:

Fairlane massage table – https://www.mastermassage.com/products/master-massage-28inch-fairlane-portable-massage-table-package?_pos=2&_sid=b6d08408b&_ss=r&variant=39052511625

2-piece table cover sets – https://www.mastermassage.com/products/copy-of-master-massage-dignity-luxury-microfiber-table-cover-set-2-piece-set-nature-machine-washable?variant=29425144954989

As mentioned, the table cover sets are in ther ‘Sand’ color option. If additional sets are wanted, you can purchase them from Master Massage Equipment, and they are available in four additional color options (white, purple, dark chocolate, and blue).

Again, everything included is brand new…nothing has been used. The table has never even been removed from the carry case, and the table cover sets are still each sealed in their individual packaging. I completed my massage therapy training at Northwest Career College several years ago, in San Jose, before that location “changed hands”, to which I sold the massage chair I received from the program before I moved. However, a few months after completing the program, I purchased this massage table, intending to use it…but, my life took a different direction, and I found myself in a different line of work (which I have continued working in). In moving to Las Vegas a year ago, I had initially left the massage table in California…only retrieving it last month, and bringing it here to be sold.

The Fairlane massage table sells for $300, and each table cover set sells for $30, thus the purchaser is getting, at minimum, a $360 value…a minimum savings of $160, thus more than 40% off what you’d pay if you were to order the same. When/If I find the additional table cover sets, your savings would increase, as that’s an additional $90 value…again, at no additional cost to you. You can probably find an equally-good deal…possibly an even better deal…on a used massage table, albeit, without any sheets. But, you will be hard-pressed to find anyone else offering a brand new table at this price.

Again, the asking price is $200. If the ad is still listed, the massage table package is still available. If interested and/or if you have any questions, please contact me. All reasonable offers will receive a reply…but, please understand, any “lowball offers” WILL be ignored. Also, in responding to the ad via craigslist email, please include your contact info (ie. name & phone number), so that I can call, answer any questions you might have...and, if a sale is agreed on, to arrange a day/time//location. Honestly, I'm tired of troll/scam contacts...so, if no contact info is in the initial email, the email will be deleted.

Please be aware that this is a “cash-only” deals…NO checks, money orders, bank drafts, etc will be accepted. If this deters anyone from being interested, I apologize. Those who are also sellers, and have experienced fraudulent attempts from others to “purchase” what they are selling, will understand my reasoning behind stating “cash only”. As such, please, do not request any other payment form, including PayPal, Square Cash, Venmo, etc, as they will not be accepted. Finally, I am willing to meet at a mutually-acceptable safe location, for which I will provide location suggestions once the sale has been negotiated.

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