Looking for a Safe/Clean Condo/Apt for Rent (Henderson)

Years ago, as a college student, I bumped into a man while searching for a place to live. It was around the time his grandmother died and left him a townhouse in a gated community, which he was trying to rent. It was serendipitous - I was looking for a safe, clean place to live, and he was looking for a reliable tenant.

I lived there for 10 years. I took good care of the property, paid the rent on time, and handed it back in better condition than when I moved in. Years after moving out, he emailed me and asked if I needed a place to live because he was having bad luck with subsequent tenants. Though in a different state, I was thankful for his gesture.

Today, I find myself looking for a safe and clean place to live in a new state. I have a full-time job and side hustles. I’ve never been evicted or in any kind of trouble (not even a parking ticket). My faith inspires kindness and integrity. Here’s the problem: I’m a Black woman and my credit has gone from “Excellent” to “Fair” in recent years due to a business venture. I rented a space for a year (2023-2024) and paid on time (the rent was very low). I’ve been traveling since I voluntarily moved out.

I’m posting this in hopes of virtually bumping into a property owner or manager and having another positive rental experience. I’m also posting here because I don’t want to pay application fees if there is no chance of qualifying due to my fair credit or secret discriminatory practices.

If you have or manage a one-bedroom property ($1,250-$1,400 range) in a safe community and think I could be a good fit, I’d love to hear from you. While Henderson is preferred, I'm open to other locations. Thanks in advance! (Serious offers only)

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