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offered virtually
From basic animal communication, asking questions and receiving answers, to helping the animal you love heal through deep emotional traumas.

Revolutionary, yet basic. Profound, yet gentle. Much more than talking with the animals. Practical solutions from telepathic impressions.

My name is Leslie Moran. I am based in Reno, NV, and do this work long distance using photos of your animal. We can connect via phone or video appointment. To begin your animal’s healing process please message me using the CL email associated with this ad. Thank you.

What others have said:

Healing Grief, Improving Behavior
What I got from Leslie was so thorough and so deep a healing for Orfec (my horse) that it completely destroyed all lingering doubts I had about the powers of the non-visible. An example would be a picture that Leslie saw of a little girl back in Sweden who came to see Orfec every day, bringing treats for him. Leslie could see and feel how deeply he missed their ritual. Leslie was able to cry for him (since animals can't cry like we humans do) and helped him to release a large part of the grief. I noticed this summer, when Pony Camp was held at my barn, that Orfec went right for the little girls when they were out in his pasture. He'd stick his nose into their hands and pockets.

Today he is the clown of his side of the barn. He is always expressing his opinion but is obedient to my commands when I'm riding him. Swedish horses are known for their self-will and arrogance. Orfec's goofiness and his devotion to me makes him a breeze to ride.

Leslie's suggestion to put him on a specific has been right-on for over all flexibility. She seems to have a sixth-sense about new products; I trust her more than anyone else in this area.

J.S., Boulder, CO


Replacing a Fear of Life, with Joy and Love

Tawny, a retired racing greyhound, had been adopted into her new home. However, at nearly eight years old, the only life she had ever known was that of a racing hound.

Tawny was frightened by nearly everything in her new environment. The sight and sound of a roll of aluminum foil, a knock at the front door, or a bag of groceries coming into the house would cause this incredibly sweet and gentle dog to tuck her tail between her legs, turn, and rush off to hide in a place she had chosen as being safe.

After the session with Leslie it was apparent that Tawny had been assisted in releasing the traumas and emotional wounds from her former life. With a hopeful heart she willingly moved through her healing process. Tawny's caretaker did an outstanding job of supporting her body-mind-spirit healing process.

Within a short amount of time Tawny became comfortable in her new home. It was as if she had lived there all along. Any memories of her former life as a racing hound no longer had any effect or power over her. She had been set free, able to feel comfortable in her own skin, and in her new, permanent, home.

The caregiver writes:

Dear Leslie,

You are truly an exceptional woman. There is complete harmony in our home.

Bless you,

S.H., Reno, NV


No Longer Afraid of Our Feet

I first discovered Leslie and her special gifts more than 12 years ago. My husband and I had adopted two kittens from the Humane Society. One was a stray and the other had been turned in by her family. Within a couple of weeks we noticed that the little stray, Cheetah Anne, was afraid of our feet. She would stare at them as we walked closer and then fly by us before we came anywhere near her.

After Leslie worked with her I learned that Cheetah Anne had come from a family who had abused her and then dumped her. In addition to discovering why Cheetah Anne was so afraid, I also learned from Leslie information we needed to help her heal. Cheetah Anne, nearly 13 years old, is now a much happier and more assertive kitty.

This was just our first interaction with Leslie and her intuitive, healing help. Since then, my husband and I have rescued two dogs and five more cats. Leslie has communicated with almost every one of them. When we felt that they had problems or issues and they needed help in dealing with their pain and fear we called Leslie. Her work has helped us integrate each one into our home so they all feel safe, happy, and loved.

Stephanie Delgesso
CVT Colorado Springs, CO

Experience Your Own Miracles

Leslie works long-distance using a recent photo of your animal. One full-body photo, and one of the animal looking at the camera. These can be in the same photo.
To get started, send a message to the CL email associated with this ad. Once received you will be contacted to purchase your consultation time slot. If you have additional questions please include your phone number in the email message. You will be contacted.

Basic Animal Communication Sessions

30 minutes for $51.00.

45 minutes for $72.00 .

or 60 minutes for $92.00.

The Animal Communication & Emotional Healing Sessions
Can run from 3 to 4 hours. These longer appointments are $90.00 per hour. And we get started with a down payment for two hours ($180.00) towards the session.

Each Communication and Emotional Healing Session has three parts.
The Intake, the Work with the animal, and the Conclusion.
For more information and to begin your animal companion’s healing journey please message me using the CL email associated with this ad..

After you purchase your desired time length, depending upon the session type and length that you choose the email will ask for the needed photograph(s), and if you desire a Communication and Emotional Healing Session you will also be sent a detailed questionnaire for you to complete.

Thank you for having me help you heal the animals you love.

Leslie Moran

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